Forentek® M900 Specifications

Light sources

  • White light (Top /Side/ Transmission)
  • Infrared light (Top/Side/Transmission)
  • Infrared cross-light (850nm/940nm)
  • IR+Blue 470nm
  • Dual tube UV light (UV254nm UV365nm)
  • Infrared laser light

Other Features

  • 7 inch TFT-LCD and 5 mega pixel image sensor
  • Magnification: Whole screen 1:1 with digital magnification 1: (8-100) Partial screen (1:35)
  • M900 Includes F series document examination device.
  • Compatible with L and E and F series
  • 280x175x265 (mm) and 1.45kg
  • CE certified and RoHS compliant.

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